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          TUITION AND FEES 2022-2023
                                         (Tuesdays Only)
         $75.00 Non-refundable registration fee
                            (Per Student)
              $150.00 Non-refundable facility fee
                            (Per Family)

               Pre-K-1st Grade $1200 (Annual)*
                   (Annual Supply Fee $50.00)

                 2nd-4th Grade $1240 (Annual)*
                 5th-8th Grade  $1280 (Annual)*
                   9th Grade     $1380 (Annual)*
                  (Annual Supple Fee $125.00)
     A la Carte Classes (High School) $375-$475)

Thursday Classes
  HHSEP now offers classes twice a week. The annual cost for the the extra day is $1000.00 per student plus an additional facility fee of $100 per family. 

 *Tuition is payable in 8 monthly installments. 

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