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The Program started in 1991 when a group of families came together to offer each other encouragement and support in their homeschooling efforts. 

We consider HHSEP to be a ministry; we are encouraged to know that we are called by God to reach out to the Houston Home School community to assist families with their homeschool journey. Our goal is to provide an excellent education to families throughout the Houston Metro area.

At HHSEP we are committed to the integrity of what homeschooling is. HHSEP is passionate about partnering with parents to educate the next generation of world-changers. At HHSEP, parents are respected as the students' primary teachers. Teachers and staff are here to assist families in educating their children successfully.HHSEP trains, develops and encourages young students spiritually, academically, physically, emotionally, and socially, in a Christ-centered environment using Christian values for the glory of God.  HHSEP promotes Biblical standards integrated into the educational process to inspire students to do God's will for generations to come.  We aim to instill excellence of character by integrating Christ-centered, biblical principles as a part of each subject.

 Holy Bible | Godly Family Values | Academic Excellence | Strong Relationship  
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