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Spanish introduce students to a foreign language, building confidence to use vocabulary and grammar learned in class. Students will learn words, phrases, simple conversations, songs, and scripture in Spanish. Each year we focus on a different Spanish speaking country and about some of its history and culture. Parents should expect to spend 20-30 minutes a day reviewing vocabulary with the student. Review enables the student to retain vocabulary taught in class, to participate fully in each class, and to achieve good results on quizzes and tests.

Parents of 2nd grade students can purchase the textbook only at Spanish Champs.


For 3rd - 6th grade students parents can purchase the textbook only at Spanish For You.

 2nd Grade - Spanish Champs Level 1


 3rd Grade - Spanish For You, My Life

 4th Grade - Spanish For You, Travels

 5th Grade - Spanish For You, Seasons

 6th Grade - Spanish For You, Conversations

Quizzes, tests, and homework will be graded.