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Earth and Space


At HHSEP, we teach students from the Biblical creation viewpoint with God being glorified and exalted for the creation of the complex world in which we live in! Science is taught as a “core curriculum” class for students in 2nd through 8th grade. Science class time will include instruction, coordinated activities, and hands-on labs at all levels.  This class requires 5 hours of homework per week.  Time spent varies according to grade level and students' abilities. Daily work on science ​assignments is encouraged.  Parental oversight and assistance with assigned homework is required for all grade levels to ensure understanding of material and successful completion of work.

2nd through 8th grade classes will be assigned weekly homework for the other four days of school, including reading assigned pages in the textbook and completing work in their activity manual or resource material.  Science should be incorporated into the daily home school schedule. Chapter review led by the parent during the week is necessary for the student to grasp all of the vocabulary and material, especially if the student will be tested.

Occasionally students are asked to complete science projects and or experiments outside of class. 


Parents of 5th-9th grade students should purchase the following material for the 2022-2023 school year:


5th Grade

BJU Science 5 Textbook (4th Edition)

BJU Science 5 Activities Manual (4th Edition)



6th Grade

BJU Science 6 (4th Edition) Textbook


BJU Science 6 (4th Edition) Activities Manual


7th Grade

BJU Life Science (5th Edition) Textbook


BJU Life Science Student Lab Manual (5th Edition)



8th Grade

BJU Earth Science (5th Edition) Textbook


BJU Earth Science (5th Edition) Student Lab Manual

9th Grade

Apologia Biology 

Student Text, Notebook, & Test Packet


Materials for science class can be purchased through the publishers or at ​The Homeschool Store.

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