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American Sign Language

Course Description:

The curriculum we will be using to help set the pace and give us good grouping of words and usage is: "A Word in the Hand- Book One & Book Two". These books are SEE (Signed Exact English) but will be adapted for ASL use. As ASL is a regional language there are several outdated signs or different signs altogether but I like the format of this book so we will make notes and adjustments to signs as needed.

**Parents will not be responsible for purchasing the books as I will scan the vocabulary cards for printing from home.

There are 16 lessons in the book so generally we will cover two-three lessons a month. Students will be required to study at home to maintain memorization of their new vocabulary. We have a review game day every other month where we cover all previous vocabulary using a variety of silly games.

At the end of the first semester we will have a 'Signing Bee' which works the same way as a spelling bee. Using all of our vocabulary, students will have an opportunity to win a gift card! This is a fun way to end the semester. The end of the year 'Signing Bee' will encompass ALL vocabulary from the year!

We begin our class with prayer and warm-up.
Then we practice our memory verse and continue to build on it each week.
We will have a 'quiz' which is a review of the previous week's vocabulary (played as a game).
Then we begin working on new vocabulary and building sentences.


Homework Description:  

The only requirement for homework is to practice vocabulary a few times a week.
This should only be about 30 minutes- unless they decide they need more practice.

There may be times I ask them to show their family their sentences. Parents or siblings may want to quiz them or even let their child 'teach' them new signs. I find this to be the BEST way to learn- by teaching!

No additional resources will be needed.

Estimated hours of homework per week:  1

Signing with Songs

Course Description:

During this class students will be able to learn the basics of Sign Language by learning songs. The purpose, history and culture of ASL will be taught before learning to sign. Then we will begin with ABC’s (finger spelling) and move on to COLORS (Jesus Love’s the Little Children).

After a familiarity is established- new songs will be introduced.

The primary focus of the songs will be to teach basic vocabulary skills to give the students a desire to build on these skills with a future in ASL format of grammatical use.

This class is for students who learn well to music and who would prefer a “hands on” approach to learning a foreign language. Most people can learn things easier to music and it will stick a lot longer!

No supplies needed for this class.

Homework Description:

Practicing the songs or vocabulary learned during the week to prepare for more instruction to follow.

There may be times I ask students to “show” their family new songs as this is a great way to apply what they have learned.


Signing with Songs (2nd-5th Grade)

ASL (3rd-5th Grade)

ASL (6th-8th Grade)

Duration of Class:

45 minutes


Materials Needed:

Printer (for printing vocabulary or workbook sheets)

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