The Saxon Math 2nd-8th grade textbooks move students from primary grades to algebra. Each course contains a series of daily lessons covering all areas of general math. Each lesson presents a small portion of math content (called an increment) that builds on prior knowledge and understanding. Students are not required or expected to grasp a concept fully the first time it is presented. After an increment is introduced, it becomes a part of the student’s daily work for the rest of the year. Students will have many opportunities to gain understanding and to achieve mastery.


This class requires at least 4 hours of homework per week. Time spent varies according to grade level and students’ abilities. Daily work on Math assignments is encouraged. Parental oversight and assistance with assigned homework is required for all grade levels to ensure understanding of material and successful completion of work.  This cumulative, continual practice ensures that students will retain what they have learned.


Parents of 2nd - 8th grade students should purchase the latest edition of the following:


2021/22 Booklist will be updated by May 15, 2021.


Testing is required for 3rd – 8th grade students.

Materials for the Math class can be purchased at ​The Homeschool Store or online.