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Students will be taught using a theme based curriculum covering all subjectsReading, Math, Writing, Bible and Scripture Memorization, Science, Social Studies, Spanish and Sign Language!



Children entering this class must be 5 by September 30th. 


The Kindergarten class will include a literature-based program that will supplement your home school reading curriculum. The class will also include Math, Science, Social Studies, Music, Spanish, Good Citizenship, Story Time, Center Time and playground fun. Students continue to develop both fine and large motor skills through the various activities and mediums utilized. 

To receive a complete list of the curriculum, please send an email to

Preschool:  Children entering this class must be 4                             by September 30th. 


The Program’s Preschool class provides many hands-on activities and opportunities to work together as a group. Phonics-based pre-reading and number concepts are introduced (or reinforced) with an emphasis on developmental and social readiness. Other enrichment activities include singing, finger plays, Story Time, Bible, Science, Social Studies, Art, Spanish and playground fun. Motor skills are developed through fun-filled activities including cutting, pasting, painting, and coloring. 



Mead Success in Preschool

Grades Pre-K (48108), White
by Missouri_Goodwill_Industrie


First Grade:   Students entering 1st grade must be 6 by September 30th. 

The first-grade class follows an exciting and motivating classroom format. This class will include phonics-based reading practice intended to supplement the reading curriculum parents use at home. Additional instruction includes writing practice, hands-on Science, Social Studies, Art,  Math, and Spanish.  Some lessons are adjusted according to the individual level of students. 




Primer Universal Set

Language Arts

Primary Arts of Language:  Writing

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