Description of Grades


Children entering this class must be four by September 30.  HHSEP’s Preschool class provides many hands-on activities and opportunities to work together as a group.  Phonics-based pre-reading and number concepts are introduced (or reinforced) with an emphasis and developmental and social readiness.  Other enrichment activities include singing, finger plays, Story Time, Bible, Science, Social Studies, Art, Spanish and playground fun.  Motor skills are developed through fun-filled activities including cutting, pasting, painting and coloring.

Class limit is 12 students.


Children entering this class must be five by September 30.  The kindergarten will include a phonics-based reading program that will supplement your home school reading curriculum.  The class will also include Math, Science, Social Studies, Music, Spanish, Good Citizenship, Story Time, Center Time and playground fun. Students continue to develop both fine and large motor skills through the various activities and mediums utilized.  

Class limit is 12 students.


Students entering the contained first grade must be six by September 30.  The first grade class follows an exciting and motivating classroom format. This class will start using the Institute for Excellence in Writing curriculum, Primary Arts of Language. 


This class will also include phonics-based reading practice intended to supplement the reading curriculum parents use at home, hands-on Science, Social Studies, and Art.  Math skills are added to the curriculum based upon students’ abilities.  Some lessons are adjusted according to the individual level of students.  

Class limit is 12 students.  Students enrolling in this class should indicate age under grade level on the registration form.


Our Tuesday Program for grades 2nd thru 6th will be divided into five grade level groups.  The groups rotate thru five classes including Writing, Science, Spanish, Physical Education and Art.  It is recommended that all students be put into classes based on age rather than academic achievement.  Exceptions will be made only after careful review of a student’s academic records and personal references regarding social maturity.  

Class limit for 2nd through 6th grade is 14 students per grade.



Students entering 7th and 8th grade will be divided into two separate grade level groups.  These two grade levels will be registering for Creative Writing and Grammar combined, Science, Math and Speech.  For 7th and 8th grade we begin to prepare students for High School. These two grades are introduced to classes that will help them in the transition of entering high school. Students take an hour and a half of Creative Writing and Grammar combined and Math. Science and Speech are an hour each. For each of these classes we recommend one hour per day per subject for assignments and studying. 


It is also recommended that all students be put into classes based on age rather than academic achievement.

Class limit for 7th and 8th grade is 10 students per grade.


All students PreK - 8th grade receive a report every quarter. Students in 1st - 8th grade are graded based on assignments, tests and class participation. At the end of the school year every student receives a final report card.

At HHSEP, parents are respected as the students' primary teacher.  Our classes are designed to enable parents to bring out the best in each student.

DISCLOSURE:  Houston Home School Education Program is not equipped and does not accept students with moderate to severe learning disabilities nor students that have been expelled from school due to behavioral issues.

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