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Description of Grades

                 (Tuesdays 9:00 -3:00)


Our Tuesday Program for grades Pre-K thru 8th grade will rotate through six classes including Language Arts, Math, Science, PE, Art, and Spanish. It is recommended that all students be put into classes based on age rather than academic achievement.  Exceptions will be made only after careful review of a student’s academic records and personal references regarding social maturity.  

The class limit is 15 students per grade level.


All students receive a report every quarter, grades are based on assignments, tests and class participation. At the end of the school year every student receives a final report card.

At HHSEP, parents are respected as the students' primary teacher.  Our classes are designed to enable parents to bring out the best in each student.

DISCLOSURE:  Houston Home School Education Program is not equipped and does not accept students with moderate to severe learning disabilities nor students that have been expelled from school due to behavioral issues.

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