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Creative Writing

5th-9th Grade

This class requires about 5 hours of homework per week. Time spent varies according to grade level and students’ abilities. Daily work on English assignments is encouraged. Parental oversight and assistance with assigned homework is required for all grade levels to ensure understanding of material and successful completion of work.




Institute for Excellence in Writing

An innovative curriculum focused on equipping students to communicate confidently and effectively through the process of learning to write well. 
Incorporates: Literature, Writing, Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension 

5th Grade:

​ IEW Ancient History


6th Grade:

IEW Medieval History


7th Grade:

  • IEW US History

  • Fix it Grammar Level 3™-level-3-robin-hood-teacherstudent-combo

8th Grade:

  • IEW Following Narnia V1 3rd Edition®-volume-1-lions-song-student-book-only

  • Fix it Grammar Level 4™-level-4-mowgli-and-shere-khan-teacherstudent-combo


9th Grade:                                                                

  • IEW Advanced US History

  • Fix it Grammar Level 5™-grammar-level-5-frog-prince-teacherstudent-combo-unavailable

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